U.S. acts of war in three countries: Iraq, Syria, Somalia

The U.S. government of Donald Trump just carried out airstrikes in three countries. And literally everybody is sitting on his / her ass and shuts his / her mouth hole.

Thereby some remarks:

- noone is talking about any zombie parliament. Nowhere.
- noone is even asking about international law. Noone. Nowhere.
- noone talks about the most dangerous sentence not just in U.S. history, the "Authorization for Use of Military Force" of September 14, 2001, and the beginning of a de facto World War. That's what you call a worldwide war, even if it's on error.

Every true Human Left on the planet should give every mainstream so-called leftist a kick someplace, somewhere. If that means kicking yourself: do it. And do it now!

Hint: watch out for "Bibis" campaign for immunity. There are three relevant elections on the planet left: in the United States, in Britain and in Israel. They are to watch and influence.