Yes, #BoycottGermany. Because this Deep State has disabled its own Democracy and is a Danger to all others, too.

It´s legitimate to boycott a country that has become a danger to others financially and economically. But spare out the artists and sports.

Berlin: Most people outside, even inside of Germany don´t know, that every party in German parliament (the Bundestag) has already questioned our constitution, the "Grundgesetz" (Basic Law). Every single political party and faction in Bundestag is calling for a systemic change towards a paneuropean continental block, a "United Europe".

By that, the German "political class", the nomenclatura, not only questions our own democracy, the Berlin Republic as we say, but also each and everyone in its area of influence. So, you can call our nomenclatura putschists. In fact, you should. Because that´s the (geo)strategic background of the ongoing coup in Greece. And if this coup has been carried out successful and completely, you can be damn sure it won´t be the last on the continent. Take not just Greece, but also Ukraine as an example, a blueprint.

Eighteen Democracies, including Germany, are using a bizarre, destructive financial system called "Euro", most of them a decade long. And by that, they have become the bankrupt estate of the Old World Order, the designated filler of this new big ideology of our times and, once more, of the German nomenclatura: the "United States of Europe".

As I look around in Berlin, I see a beautiful city, the town I was born in. I see a hub, an asylum of artists and intellectuals from all over the world. But I also see the center of a New Rome-like Empire, as I described it (in German) in June 2012.

What I now ask from everyone who is active in this new movement to boycott Germany: spare us, the artists, out. And so the sports men and women. We have nothing to do with this imperialistic madness, with this rubbish, this shameful, disgusting dirt called "politics", which actually has become, once again, an acronym for ruthlessly mechanism of power, war, capitalism and its apparatus.

I - and this goes out to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (B.D.S.) movement, too - will never boycott an artist, just because where he or she is coming from, or because of religion, ethnic background, etc. We are a big family, no matter what happens (and don´t you dare to come up with some "singing terrorist" an "intelligence" agency has discovered and then promoted). We are the creative, the makers, the doers. And we do our work by free will, by desire, by heart, for all. And that´s Berlin. That is Berlin stands for, not this madness that has gripped our "political", ruling class and its parliamentary parties.

Help yourself in saving your democracy, respectively what has been Left, in the double sense of the meaning. Help the Greek to save theirs. And yes, help us to save ours, by an economic, financial boycott of the banks and corporations of this Deep State called Germany, which has squatted and disabled our Republic and also is a danger to all democracies on the continent Europe.

Good luck to all of us.