Abbas, Fatah, P.L.O. and Israeli Joint List: What you can do

President Mahmoud Abbas,

  1. Declare the independence of Palestine and accept the borders of the two states Palestine and Israel along the armistice line of 1949 with effect from a point of time not later than 2017. It is about time.
  2. Sue the state of Israel to the ground, before any court of the world. And do not waste one more minute.
  3. Either you are the president of Palestine or you are not. If not, step down. If you are, act like one.


  1. Think about that.
  2. Decide if you want to win or lose. If you want to lose, dissolve your organization. If you want to win, act like that.

President Abbas, Fatah, Palestine Liberation Organization,

  1. Choose your moral compass and values and hold them. Hold your position.
  2. Denounce and reject any murder as a murder.
  3. Don´t create problems. Fix them.
  4. If you expect any others to act or to do good for the Palestinian people - in the meaning of doing your job for you - you are unfit as representatives.
  5. Stop listening to "the Americans", meaning the so-called "intelligence" agencies and the State Department. If you get a call from them, hang up. Throw them all out. And don´t replace those guys with their fellows from the "European Union" member states, especially from Germany and France.
  6. Draw a constitution. Set a date for voting on the Constitution of Palestine, in Palestine, not elsewhere.
  7. Realize, that your best ally is a hard core of humanity: the hard-core Left, among them the hard-core Jewish Left.

Joint List of Israel,

  1. You are, in fact, the only parlamentary opposition of Israel and the third biggest parlamentarian group in Knesset. You bear a great responsibility, exercise interfaith, interethnic and international cooperation and symbolize the possible future of a Republic of Israel. Don´t forget that. Do your job. Stick together.
  2. Cooperate with President Abbas, Fatah and the P.L.O. in the cause of independence of Palestine and demand from them to respect international law and Israeli lives.
  3. Don´t expect any thank. Don´t expect any fairness. You have to be what you expect to be. March on.

All of you, listen:

Good luck to all of us.