Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior – General Hugh Shelton

"Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior" von General Hugh Shelton erschienen bei Kindl Edition ("Ohne zu zögern – die Odyssee eines amerikanischen Kriegers")

General Hugh Shelton (Foto) veröffentlichte vor wenigen Tagen zusammen mit den Co-Autoren Ronald Levinson und Malcolm McConnell seine Memoiren, in denen es um den Einmarsch der US-Truppen in den Irak geht, dem jede Grundlage entbehrte. Shelton war von 1997 bis 2001 der 15. Vorsitzende des Vereinigten Generalstabs (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff).

Shelton schreibt in dem Buch, dass die US-Regierung über keine Geheimdiensterkenntnisse verfügte, dass der irakische Präsident Saddam Hussein Massenvernichtungswaffen besitzen würde und in Kontakt mit Osama bin Laden oder Al-Quaida war und auch nicht mit dem 11.September 2001 in Verbindung gebracht werden konnte - ganz einfach, weil es da keine gab.

Um dennoch einen Kriegsgrund zu liefern, wurde der Abschuss eines US-Militärflugzeuges inklusive des Todes des Piloten in Erwägung gezogen, der den Befehl erhalten sollte, im Tiefflug über Bagdad zu fliegen, um so von der irakischen Armee abgeschossen zu werden. Donald Rumsfeld und Paul Wolfowitz gehörten zu den grössten Kriegstreibern.

"President Bush and his team got us enmeshed in Iraq based on extraordinarily poor intelligence and a series of lies purporting that we had to protect American from Saddam's evil empire because it posed such a threat to our national security." (474-475)

Millionen von Menschen sind in diesem Krieg der Lügen umgekommen, die Überlebenden leiden heute unter der Zerrissenheit des Landes und an Krebserkrankungen durch den Abschuss der Uranmunition - in Basra wurde kürzlich eine grosse Klinik zur Behandlung von betroffenen erkrankten Kindern eröffnet.

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The powerful unvarnished memoir of General Hugh Shelton, war hero, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during 9/11, and one of the leading military figures of our time

Whether serving under a Democratic president or a Republican president, General Shelton was never afraid to speak out and tell it like it is. Shelton chronicles his incredible journey from a small farming community in North Carolina to the highest level of American military and political power at the Pentagon and White House.

As one of the nation’s elite Special Forces soldiers, Shelton served twice in Vietnam, commanding a Green Beret unit and then an airborne infantry company. He was awarded a Bronze Star for valor and a Purple Heart for a wound suffered when a booby trap drove a poisoned stake through his leg.

Shelton rose up the ranks and was assistant division commander of the 101st Airborne Division as they invaded Iraq in the Persian Gulf War, then led the 20,000 American troops tasked with restoring Haiti’s deposed President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to power. Promoted to 4-star General, he became Commander in Chief of U.S. Special Operations Command (including Delta Force, Navy SEALS and other top secret Special Mission Units).

But it was while serving as Chairman during both the Clinton and Bush administrations that he faced his biggest challenges, including his role as chief architect of the U.S. military response to 9/11. General Shelton speaks frankly of how decisions were made behind the scenes in the inner sanctum of the E-Ring and Oval Office, and reveals key military operations and meetings that have not yet been revealed, including:

* High-ranking Cabinet member proposes intentionally allowing an American pilot to be killed by the Iraqis to have an excuse to retaliate and go to war.

* Details of a contentious Camp David meeting among President George W. Bush and his National Security Council immediately after 9/11, where internal battle lines were drawn---and Shelton (along with Colin Powell) convinced President Bush to do the right thing.

* How Rumsfeld persuaded General Tommy Franks to bypass the Joint Chiefs, leading to a badly flawed Iraq war plan that failed to anticipate the devastating after-effects of the insurgency and civil war.

* Attempts to kill Usama bin Laden that were shot down by our State Department.

* CIA botched high-profile terrorist snatches, leaving Shelton’s Special Operations teams to clean up their mess.

* How Shelton “persuaded” Haiti’s dictator to flee the country.

* And much more.

Yet it's Shelton’s amazing personal story that puts his military career in perspective. It began with a fall from a ladder in his backyard, resulting in total paralysis from the neck down---and a risky experimental procedure, so dangerous that if it didn’t cure him, chances are it would kill him.

Revealing, compelling, and controversial, this is the story of a man whose integrity and ethics were always above reproach, and who dedicated his life to serving his country.

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