Europe has to side with Russia and break away from the USA!

 Georgia’s recent Military intervention in South Ossetia with US intelligence and Support has forced Russia to act! Unfortunately, today’s US Government around the World is still practising the old Cold War tactics of deceit and Propaganda.

 The US are playing a dangerous and hypocritical game in Georgia as well as in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and China, not to mention Europe as well!

 It is vital today to dismantle NATO and form a new alliance in the spirit of De Gaulle and Brandt. Europe has to leave NATO and form an alliance with Russia, The Middle Easter Countries and North Africa as well as India, China and Japan.

 Leaving the US out, at least for now, until they learned and understood that the World has changed and that they have to co-operate rather then play deceiving Imperialistic Games.

Putin him self understood that and so did former Chancellor Schroeder as well as former President Chirac. Merkel and Braun are not up to the task, they are lacking long-term vision and Peace as the main goal as well as economic justice for all Nations!

 Sarkozi does for his part understand the importance of integrating North Africa into the EU, as well as to integrate China, India, Korea, Brazil and South Africa into the G8, making it the G12 and eventually the G20. A vital move, for peace and Justice.

 We also need to reform the UNO that is constantly being undermined by the 5 Veto Powers of wish the US are doing most of the Vetoing and breaking international rules and agreements! The Veto rights have to be removed and the UNO needs a permanent and independent Military force that would be the only one allowed to intervene in International conflicts! All Armies have to be restricted to self defence only and dismantling their ABC arsenal. This to apply to all even the US and Russia, as well as China, India, Pakistan, Israel and Europe!

 We will not have peace or Justice as long as we allow countries such as the US to play bully around the Globe. If America wants peace and Security as well as economic stability for it self, it wound be possible as long as the US do not reform them self-first!

 Iran is just as sovereign a country as any other and needs to be doubt with in the same manner as the US deal with Israel or Great Briton, it is the only way for peace and Justice!

Double standards have never worked to well at any time or anywhere in human history!

 We are one World and one Humanity, that can no longer afford Imperialistic ambition, deceitful politics nor can we afford self centre economic thinking any longer. May those be American, European, Russian, Chinese or other, this as to change.

If the American people fail to reform their government and Constitution as well as rid them self of a near monarchistic Presidential system on their own, then the World will have to Isolate the US for the sake of Peace and economical Justice around the World.

 Why is it vital, for one, without peace we cannot redirect all our resources to tackle Pollution and economic injustice around the Globe, those should be our primary goals

We cannot afford to waste time with political intrigues and Cold War like games.

We need to change, the change needs to be now, and hopefully a peaceful transition lead by reason rather then fear and violence!