Ireland, Save Us All From The EU Empire

A "No" to the EU Treaty would be a gift from the Irish Republic to all People of Europe

A small freedom loving country now holds the fate of free folks in Europe in its hands.
Once there was a dream of Europe. Now the shadow of a ruthless, most dissembling empire called "European Union" is falling on republics, constitutions, parliamentary democracies and systems of checks and balances on the continent.
The people in Europe have not even been asked, the German parliament endorsed the EU Treaty in a disgusting act of shame without even reading it. No complete copy of this law - that will end the third republic on German soil - was given to our so-called "lawmakers". They bowed to it anyway, like they always did in German history with well-known consequences.

Most people in Europe also haven´t even read the EU Lisboa Treaty. Some will vote "Yes" anyway, because they don´t care about their freedom, their own country, their own society and their own dignity. But the majority of people in Europe is able to read laws and treaties before they judge it, in contrast to blighters in parliament.

The EU Treaty (read it)
These are details of the Treaty contents:

- reactivation of the death penalty.
If police forces chiefs decide that a demonstration is part of a "civil disorder" these forces are allowed to use fire weapons against demonstrations.
- all national police forces are allowed to take action in all European countries.
- workers doing jobs in other EU countries will receive average wages of their country of origin. Meanwhile the corporate battle for even lower payment has begun already, all over Europe.
- constitutions of former independent republics will be suspended or outvoted by the EU Supreme Court, the "European Court".
In fact, EU law will be above all, only alterable by the EU commission which actually is a circle of executive branches.
- only the assembly of heads of executive branches of 25 EU countries have the right to change this de-facto European "constitution" any time they like - by simple majority. Parliaments, congresses, and national constitution courthouses won´t be in charge of the process, won´t even be asked.
- all forces in all EU countries will have the "duty" of rearmament - as best as they can, payed by peoples taxes.

Survaillance, espionage, executive warrants, in the end dictatorship and police state: nothing in their way. Just idle talk, promises and ugly twaddle. Meanwhile EU bureaucracy is growing, stretching its tentacles in every corner of the continent, in every corner of our life. EU forces, EU government, EU treaties and senseless conventions, but no European democray, no checks and balances, no vision, no ethics, no moral, social, political or even civil standards, just treason, lies and corruption on every level.

Some articles of the EU Treaty refer to the "EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 2003", one of the glossiest lies ever forced on the European People. The signing of this convention is reversible at any time.

Article 58

1. A High Contracting Party may denounce the present Convention only after the expiry of five years from the date on which it became a party to it and after six months’ notice contained in a
notification addressed to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, who shall inform the other High Contracting Parties.
2. Such a denunciation shall not have the effect of releasing the High Contracting Party concerned from its obligations under this Convention in respect of any act which, being capable of constituting a violation of such obligations, may have been performed by it before the date at which the denunciation became effective.
3. Any High Contracting Party which shall cease to be a member of the Council of Europe shall cease to be a Party to this Convention under the same conditions.
4. The Convention may be denounced in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs in respect of any territory to which it has been declared to extend under the terms of Article 56.

That means: any government can denounce this convention " in respect of any territory", for example in colonies overseas - without any consequences. No state would be excluded or even exposed to sanctions in any way for harming those "noble" principles. Human rights doesn´t count in the upcoming Empire of the European Union , the "Fourth Reich" Hitler dreamed off.

Step by step freedom is disintegrated, one by one citizen rights are stolen from the people, and slowly, slowly fascism creeps its way again. All in the name of a new global World War against an invisible, anonymous enemy called "Al Qaida", "islamism", "Taliban", "Bin Laden" or other obscure phantoms with endless media promotion and strange claims of responsibility on the internet. Actually Muslims are being made a patsy like the "Evil Jew" was invented for leading World War II.

Neighbours, peers, friends, all over sudden they became enemies in peoples minds, just because of their religion, their believe, their tradition. This must not happen again.

And it won´t stop in Europe.
On July 13 the so-called "Mediterranean Union" will be founded in Paris, after millions of Europeans will be forced to bow to the EU Empire. This will distend the area of Brussells governorship dramatically. An empire comparable to the Roman Empire will emerge - and still, this won´t stop.

On January the 7th, the former French prime minister Edouard Balladur announced the idea of "an organic alliance" of the European Union and the United States of America, a "Union of the West". His 120-page essay was titled "Pour une Union occidentale entre l'Europe et les États-Unis".

This Western Union would be the logical conclusion, the final step from the already existing north atlantic military pact NATO to a global empire. An empire without restrictions, an empire without remorse, an empire without any hope for regular citizens to influence its way but by a violent uprise which is, indeed, part of this devilry.

There is no other country but yours who has the chance to decide about this artificially constructed apparatus. There are no people but the Irish who can stop this.

Don´t let 500 million people in the so-called "European Union" down.
Do not let us down, people of Free Ireland.
It would be remembered for all times.