People of Palestine, declare your independence

People of Palestine, your “president” Mahmoud Abbas is none. There is no “palestinian authority”. Fatah, Palestine Liberation Organization and the Israeli Joint List, the third biggest Knesset group, they all let you down. Everything they say is worthless. Everything the weak, struggling autocrats Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu say is worthless. Everything the “European Union” says, a designed clone, a clownish would-be copy of the United States of America that does not even recognize the rightful existence of sovereign european democracies, is worthless. The arab monarchies did not help you either. The military dictatorship of Egypt is your enemy. You are surrounded by enemies. The governments of China, Russia, they don´t care about you. There is no help coming. To them, you are to suffer. You are to die. You are to be exploited, humiliated, silenced, on and on and on, ´til the end of all times.

End that time now. Do something. And do the right thing.

People of Palestine, if you use lethal force in any way, shape or form in this struggle, you will lose. If you set up a true palestinian authority, a moral authority, you will win. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, they would have never won against the colonial power, against the apartheid regime, without moral authority. And winning can only mean achieving true independence. There is no dignity without independence. There is no democracy without independence. There is no Palestine without independence. And yes, there is no Palestine without Jerusalem, Al-Quds as you name it.

You live in a colony – face it. There are no “settlers”. They are just colonists. To them, you are 21st century indians, and that´s it. So rise up against the occupation regime, and do it right! Fix it! Fix the problem! Fix every problem! Stop talking to all of these whatnot-powers and all of their presidents, representatives, delegates, under-over-secretaries, experts, kings and queens, let them all go to hell – a political one.

Whoever talks about a one-state-solution is talking about a final solution, in a very German sense of the meaning. Face that! Don´t believe the liars. And don´t believe anyone who is not your proven friend.

People of Palestine, declare the independence of Palestine. You can do it. And there are no ifs or buts: you achieve – and keep – moral authority, you stay the course, the peoples of the world will support the people of Palestine.

And it can begin tomorrow.