Someone please stop Bill Clinton from making stupid remarks

Pennsylvania: The first First Husband-to-be seems to hate his job already. It´s like he wants Hillary Clinton to lose votes at all costs.
Read this and quiver:

"Pennsylvania, if you say yes to Hillary Tuesday, you hide and watch: you're electing the next president"

A missing voice from the off might like to cry: "Is this a threat or what?".

"And let me just say this -- don't you think for a minute that if you don't get her -- if you give her a big victory here -- after all the blizzard of money and all these ads and the kitchen sink has been thrown at her."

What´s that´s supposed to mean?

"I asked her about that -- I said, 'They are throwing the kitchen sink at ya.' She said, 'Well, Harry Truman said if you can't stand the heat you should get out of the kitchen.' So the only thing I said is, 'Well, you have got to figure out how to keep the kitchen sink in the kitchen now'"


"Now there is a truly hilarious ad coming up saying that she's gonna force people even who can't afford it to buy health care"

Oh, really? Thanks Bill, for mentioning this.

"I don't know if you've seen it, but it is a total hoot. It has been -- first, they used to be so ashamed of that argument that they only sent it out in the mail, where it was roundly discredited."

Would someone please tell this guy to stand at the back?
I mean, this genius Mark Penn, who earned 13 million $ for almost ruining the presidency of the only reliable candidate the world is waiting for, was not only Bill Clinton´s, Tony Blair´s and Bill Gates´ adviser. Some say it was Bill´s idea to make Penn the chief strategist of the Hillary campaign.

Actually it was Bill´s Penn who came up with this robot style, the Albrights, the axxis of Wesley & Clarks and all this elements of dime.
But who even cares about Bill Clinton?

His ties to the Colombia trade deal are even stronger than Penn's were.
He met Richard Mellon Scaife, a case of of public interest, bad promotion and no comprehensible benefit for Hillarys candidacy.

And then, at a decisive point in a fierce fight between her and a man who calls Zbigniew Brzezinski his foreign policy advisor, Bill Clinton writes that fund-raising letter in March:

"With the race this close, it sure doesn't make sense to me that she'd leave now -- does it make sense to you?"

Could you, I mean, could you imagine any possible more stupid question? Who likes this stuff?

So - please lock´em in a cage and throw away the key. He doesn´t have to get back into the White House, Lord no!
Please save us from this annoying, gabbling, devastating man and let Hillary Clinton gain the victory.

May he visit her in Oval Office. Just visit, and then get outta there.


article from March 03:
"This is Jack Bauer! Gimme President Obama!"