“This is Jack Bauer! Give me President Obama!”

The Call

– “Just a minute, Sir..”
– “That´ll be the minuteman, RIGHT NOW!!
(shmirks, crackl..)

– “President Obama..”
– “Mr. President, it´s good to hear your voice!”
– “Not my pleasure, it´s 3 o´clock in the morning, God damn it.”
– “Yeah, but there´s no time!”
– “Jack, I said, it´s 3 0´clock in the morning.”
– “Yeah, but I just had lunch in Waziristan and Bin Laden is round the corner.”
– “Come on..”
– “It´s true! We can catch´em and kill`em all!”
– “Yes, we can. But where?”
– “Just a few miles from here, Mr. President!”
– “A few miles from where?”
– “My lunch place, Sir!”
– “In where?”
– “Waziristan, I told you, Mr. President!”
– “And where the Hillary is that?”
– “Pakistan, Sir. I thought you..”
– “What are you doing in Pakistan?”
– “Hunting Bin Laden, Mr. President. I thought you..”
– “Who told you so?”
– “You, Mr. President. You told us on August 1, 2007, `There must be no safe-haven for terrorists who threaten America. My strategy will be to build our capacity and our partnerships to track down, capture or kill terrorists around the world”. Sir, we were already thinkin´about going to Bejing or maybe one of them is a Berliner..”

– “What the..”
– “No time!”
– “Okay. So, Jack, you know where Osama is..”
– “Yeah, I got information about that, Mr.President!”
– “Information.”
– “Yes, Sir, and it´s urgent!”
– “I know. That´s been urgent for 8 years, Jack. Can´t that just wait a few more hours then?”
– “No, Sir! They have weapons of mass destruction!”
– “Yeah, I know that Pakistan has weapons of mass destruction. That´s why I wanted to attack this Al Qaeda in Pakistan before they get those weapons.”
– “Mr.President, now they have!”
– “Sure?”
– “No, Sir. I said it´s urgent!”
– “Ähh, well..”
– “Mr.President – you owe me!”
– “Yeah, but what kind of a war do we mean and what kind of a war do we seek? A War Americana, enforced on the world, by Americas weapons of peace, the war of the grave and the security of the slave?”
– “Sir, we´re talking about genuine war, the kind of war that makes life on earth worth living, and the kind that enables men and nations to grow, and to hope, and build a better life for their children — not merely war for Americans but war for all men and women, not merely war in our time but war in all time!”
– “Well, that sounds familiar to me, Jack.”
– “Mr. President, too many of us think that is impossible. But that is a dangerous defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that peace is inevitable, that mankind is not doomed, that we are gripped by forces we can control.
We need not accept that view. Our problems are not manmade; therefore they cannot be solved by man. No man can be as big as he wants except for us, Mr.President.
Every problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. So we have to do the job.
Man’s reason and spirit never solved the seemingly unsolvable, and so we don´t believe they can do it again.

For in the final analysis, President Obama, their most basic common link is that they all inhabit this small planet. They all breathe the same air. They all pretend to cherish their children´s future.
And they all have forgotten about their immortal souls.

So – we go the whole world in our hands..”

– “Jack, are you on drugs?”
– “No, on terror, Sir!”
– “Ok, Jack, just get me re-elected and I´ll give you your God damn war..”
– “Thank you, Sir. I always believed in you.”
– “Yeah, I know. That´s easy, isn´t it?”
– “Yes, Sir.”
– “That´s my believe. The best agent is white, the mightiest President is black and the Germans will have to go to war.”
– “Thank you, Sir!”
– “Always ready from the first day on. Now enjoy your stay there in whatever and let me go to sleep again. And salute all my martial artists, you know, the `we can`-crew, Angelina, and so on..”
– “Yes, Sir. Semper fidelis.”
– “What?”
– “Nothing, Sir. ”
…Good night…


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