Hyderabad, India: False-Flag Assassination By Singh Government?

Hyderabad, India: The same story as every time, Citizens of the World. Muslims killing muslims while actually targeting a government, a military, a secret service but because they are Muslims they are terrorists missing that target and kill Muslims and simply all on sight in blind, devilish, but cold-blodded organized anger.

Report:40 people were killed Saturday in blasts a state chief minister blamed on "Islamic militants based in Bangladesh or Pakistan". The corporate media is full of sad victim stories, bloody details and politicians who know what to do - blame it to "islamists" and the long-time adverse neighbour countries.(1)
Actually nothing fits in that official story, nothing.


Today President Pratibha Devisingh Patil and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemned "twin bomb blasts" and "two near-simultaneous powerful explosions..around 7.45 p.m." in Hyderabad (2) and told the Public of the World that every ministry hold talks with every administration, the union home ministry with Pradesh administration, Home Secretary Gupta with the state chief secretary and senior officials with officials, so: don´t panic.
At the same time everybody was talking about
Pakistan, Bangladesh and "islamists".

But there weren´t "twin bomb blasts". Many papers and online-magazines tell us about three or even more bombs that went off.
And these weren´t "near-simultaneous" explosions. There appeared to be minutes between them. And it´s also not verified at what time exactly the people of Hyderabad got murdered.
The different versions:

"Sify News" (3):
There were 5 minutes between the two blasts.
The first one: in an open air auditorium in Lumbini Park near the state secretariat in the heart of the city when a laser show was underway.
The second one: at the popular Gokul Chat shop at Koti locality.
In spite of the 5 minutes gap between the explosions "Sify News" is also using the term "near-simultaneous".

"Yahoo" (4):
A senior police officer says the blasts occurred within 10 minutes of each other(!) at around 7:40 p.m. local time (1010 EDT).
There were three bombs, one at a street-side food stall and two in an amusement park.

"DNA" (5):
Another bomb was allegedly found planted underneath a foot-over-bridge with a timer set for 9.30 pm, police sources said.
Why this? A timer set for 9.30 pm almost two hours after a massacre?
This bomb was ment to be found.
TDP President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu alleged the incidents were a result of "intelligence failure".
Inteligence failure..Why are they calling secret military units and services "intelligence"? Who came up with this?

"To be precise, a total of five explosive devices were used", Balwinder Singh, Hyderabad police chief, told reporters (6,7). Another source also talks about 5 explosions, according to Hyderabad police. (10)

Add the "senior police officer" who said "the blasts occurred within 10 minutes of each other" and it is clear that there is something completely wrong about the "condemnation" of "twin bomb attacks" by President Pratibha Devisingh Patil and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

At the same time a honorable guy called "Ajai Sahni", who´s head of the New Delhi-based Institute for Conflict Management tells us:
the attacks "appear to be linked to what we call Pakistan-backed Islamic terrorist groups."
India celebrated the 60th anniversary of its independence on August 15, authorities stepped up security across the country after - as the Sing government asserts - new threats by "Al-Qaeda" and "separatist rebels".(10)

Is there someone trying to drag India and Pakistan into war? With the most stupid blabla ever appeared in human history of a muslim-arabic-dangerous bearded grandpa called "Osama Bin Laden" and a phantom called "Al Kaida" or "al-qaida" or "Al Qaeda"´n stuff who wants to conquer the world while US forces invaded two countries in Arabia and Asia and threatens Iran, Syria, even Pakistan with the use of deadly force?


Among those who visited the spot were Chief Minister Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy, Home Minister K. Jana Reddy, BJP MLA G. Kishan Reddy and TRS Leader, A. Narendra (8).
Looks like a bunch of V.I.P guys queued up actually. Do they live around the corner or what? What´s this supposed to mean?

The blast happens opposite of the Women´s College of Koti. Leaders of various political parties rushing to the blast spot and adding to the confusion and panic, they are starting to throw stones at each other. Rapid Action Force appears on the scene and gets involved.
The work of the Clues Team, looking for crucial evidence, gets hampered. (8)
Is India the natural home of stupid, tragic accidents? Or does that fit to an organized plot?

Meanwhile "The Hindu" is fogging the issue and playing the game of benefiting the security apparatus. Also this sort-of "special media" tries to channel public interest immediately at Kashmir and technical questions.
"Security experts say a strong intelligence network and strengthening of information-gathering capabilities of forces are the only way to tackle the latest threat."
Man, that´s bloody promotion.

Saturday's bomb attacks in Hyderabad come three months after a bomb went off in a historic mosque in the southern city in May, which killed 11 people. On Saturday, police patrols were visible in the city as many marriages are planned for Sunday with Aug 26 seen as an auspicious day for Hindus. (11)

So this was an attack on a day auspicious for Hindus in a place where police controlled the area in a town where Muslims had been killed before by military ("terrorist") acts (and after that by the police themselves) and again: there are allegedly killing Muslims Muslims? Who likes that stupid stuff?


At that day in India a series of explosions kill hundreds of people in on crowded commuter trains and stations.
According to CNN, all "seven blasts came within an 11-minute span, between 6:24 and 6:35 p.m. (12:54 and 1:05 p.m. GMT)". (12)
Why did the authorities not act in that 11-minute span between the assassinations? Maybe because all telephone lines, including mobiles, were jammed (!) immediately after the blasts. (13)

One person was arrested in New Delhi in police raids immediately after the explosions. (1)
How come?
Indian Home Minister Shivraj Patil said the government had some advance knowledge that such an attack might take place. "What we didn't have was the place and the time," Patil said. (1)

What a pity.

By the way: 24 hours later, at the Israel-Lebanon border, eight Israeli soldiers were killed and two kidnapped, following an attack of Hizbullah on the border with Lebanon. Hizbullah simultaneously launched Katyusha attacks against Israel. Thereafter the Lebanon War began.(14)


On March 8, 2007, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admitted before the Winograd Commission that his decision to respond to the abduction of soldiers with a broad military operation was made as early as March 2006, four months before last summer's Lebanon war broke out.

In a meeting in March 2006, Olmert asked the army commanders whether operational plans existed for such a possibility, and they said yes. He selected a moderate plan that included air attacks accompanied by a "limited" ground operation. At the time, Shaul Mofaz was defense minister.

In his testimony, Olmert claimed he had held more meetings on the situation in Lebanon than any of his recent predecessors. The first meeting was held on January 8, 2006, four days after Olmert was called to take the place of Ariel Sharon, who had fallen into a coma. Further meetings were held in March, April, May and July, after Corporal Gilad Shalit was abducted to the Gaza Strip.

Olmert stated that he had decided in earlier meetings that Israel's goal in an operation would be the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559, which calls for the deployment of the Lebanese army along the Israeli border and the disarmament of Hezbollah.
In May 2006, Olmert was informed by then-National Security Council head Giora Eiland and former prime minister Ehud Barak that the Lebanese government would agree to implement Resolution 1559 in return for an Israeli withdrawal from Shaba Farms. Olmert thought that it was best to implement the decision through diplomacy, and raised the issue with U.S. President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac (15).

Slow motion...

The Lebanon war - pre-planned by executive branches in Jerusalem, Beirut, Washington, London and Paris - broke out 24 hours after an "islamic terrorist attack" in Mumbai (Bombay) the exekutive branch in New Delhi had some "advance knowledge" of.

That´s not a conspiray theory. These facts are admitted by the worldwide actors of power.


A total of 68 people, most of them from Pakistan, died on that day when "a bomb started a fire" on the "Delhi-Lahore train" between India and Pakistan.
Actually the train runs non-stop from Delhi to Attari where the passengers are shifted to the Samjhauta Express, which goes to Lahore after security checks. The train only has operational halts at some stations, including Ludhiana and no passenger can alight from or board the train en route. (17)

Indian authorities admitted later that security lapses at the Delhi railway station may have allowed the attackers to place the "home-made suitcase bombs" on the train. (16)
As an excuse responsible Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav simply told parliament that "urgent steps were being taken to strengthen and modernise the Railway Protection Force" under his command. (16)

The prove that some "bombs" or "IEDs" had been used in this assassination of innocent, regular people were presented by Northern Railway General Manger V N Mathur.
He reaches the scene of the crime - hokuspokus - from Delhi, saying, two suitcases were recovered from the spot -- one on the rail track and one from the train.
He said he had talked to (!) the gateman near Deewana station who told him (!) that he had heard two distinct explosions. "From this evidence (what the..), we deduce that this is a clear case of sabotage," Mathur said. (17)

Evidence? Evidence?

Sabotage, yes. But what that guy said is: there were "bombs" involved. But actually a fire broke out in that train which was guarded by 2 Railway Protection Force Officers. If there had been just a fire (without any bombs involved) one could have asked how that had been possible.
Allegedly the two officers Kashmir Singh and Rajender Pal died in that train fire.(17)

Then there was another proof: another story, like it has becoming common these days. You don´t have to proof anything, just tell a stupid story.
A senior police officer said a Pakistani national has also given information to police regarding some explosive being planted on the train. The official said the passenger was identified as "Shamshuddin". (17)

And nobody ever heard from him. But World´s public ate the story: a fire, allegedly caused by bombs.
But a woman travelling in the train recounted that there was a sudden ball of fire in the train as it moved in its normal speed with most of the passengers asleep.
A Saharanpur resident, Zubaida, who was going to Karachi in Pakistan, said that around midnight there there was noise and shouts of fire from the passengers.

These witnesses didn´t say they woke up from explosions or heard explosions. They said they woke up from screaming or just recognized that there was a fire which had suddenly broken out. (18)

"Initially, I and other passengers failed to understand as to what had happened," she told PTI at the railway station in Ambala where the train made a special halt.
Zubaida, who was travelling in the three-tier sleeper bogie adjacent to the one which was burnt said, "after seeing outside I and other passengers found that the bogies behind ours were on fire." (18)

The assassination took place at Deewana near Panipat, about 100 km from Delhi. And guess what - after this massacre the train CONTINUED his tour after the two burned bogies were taken down, despite the fact that Superintendent of Police (Panipat) Mohinder Singh Sheoran said forensic experts from Madhuban were summoned. (17)
Like it was described, it took a special halt in Ambala where the witnesses made their statements.

Immediately after the death of almost 70 people, accompanied by worldwide press and TV reports, politicians from all over the world, EU, USA, China, Pakistan, India, whatsoever expressed their deep sorrow, pain and compassion but also their common belief that this "islamist terror attack" would not harm the Indian-Pakistani relations. (17)

The blasts came one day ahead of a long-planned three-day visit of Pakistan Foreign Minister, Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, to India to hold talks with External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee and attend the meeting of Indo-Pak Joint Commission.(18)
But there was more: Pakistan's foreign minister signed a deal on "nuclear security" during his visit to India from February 20-23. (19)

And on February 23 Pakistan launched a long-range nuclear capable surface-to-surface, two staged solid fuel ballistic missile Hatf-VI (Shaheen II). (20)

End of story.

Well, not yet.

Yesterday the Pakistan military launched a Hatf-8 ( also "Ra'ad", arabic: thunder) with a "strategic stand off capacity" on land and at sea that could carry "all types of warheads". (21)
That means: atomic warhead capabilities.
Pakistan and India have an agreement to notify each other about tests of ballistic missiles (22).


A government is just a government. It lies.
A military (or militia) is just a military (or militia). It kills.
A journalist is just a journalist. He or she is either independend or a hooker.

There are just three, just three elementary principles for politicians worldwide on this small planet:
The first is hypocrisy.
The second is - very important - more hypocrisy.
But the most, MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE FOR POLITICIANS since we know about the very first empire emerged on Earth is neverending, boundless, bloody and most unscrupulous hyprocrisy.

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