Americans, socialist or alive

If a country does not care about Health Care for their citizens, then what does it care about anyway?

One still popular interpretation of Christianity, Calvinism, defines every not-wealthy person as guilty and a sinner, because he´s not successful and therefore not loved by the Allmighty. Well, that perfectly fits to the social system in America: if you´re poor, you´re guilty and moreover a potential socialist, because you could come to the conclusion that the wealthy are just regular human beings like everybody else is.

This would mean that the order of a society, that one the one hand spends trillions of dollars for a rotten financial system which betrayed each and everyone on this planet and on the other hand lets people suffer because they are poor, is simply wrong and has to be changed.

You see how dangerous the human mind is: it makes you a (potential) socialist. It also makes you (potentially) fair and just, but does that mean it makes you successful? God will hate you if you care about Health Care and you will go to Hell, be sure about that, I´ve read it an email.

So there are just two choices for Americans: either they do care about themselves, even if they are poor, or they don´t. If they don´t, they should stop telling the world they do care about the world immediately and just declare themselves as true believers in a regular good ol´ Calvinist Corporate Dictatorship some say the United States of America already has become.

“The enemy has been identified. It’s not left versus right it’s democracy versus greed..For now, remember: The corporations do not control our government; they are our government.”

If there is any evidence against these words then it´s up to the American People to find it.

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