Announcing the Formation of the Aboriginal News Group

The Fourth World -The Intelligent Aboriginal News Service has partnered with progressive bloggers to form the Aboriginal News Group, an International association representing Indigenist blog-journalists covering Indigenous/First Nations news.


The Fourth World – Mar 06, 2009 – In recognition of the socio-political disparities and biases inherent within corporate owned and operated mainstream news agencies and the under-reportage of issues that document and objectively investigate matters of human rights and genocide within the Native American press, the ANG will work to promote grassroots-produced Indigenous news material to the global news reading public via promotion of Indigenous blog-journalists who provide accurate and authoritative news, analysis and opinion pertinent to the continued Indigenous struggle for survival under existing colonialist nation-states and neoliberalism. 

The ANG plans to address this by providing Indigenous blog-journalists with support and fellowship so they may observe, document and report news and other issues of importance that matter to their respective communities and the global Indigenous family as a whole.  Through promotion of Open-Source software and other free web services, the ANG will help encourage independent Indigenous news blogging, Internet news-reading and social networking among Indigenous communities to connect, educate, inform and  provide these sectors with the means to democratically disseminate their own news stories to the  world community. 

The ANG will also strive to insure that the cases of American Indian Movement leader Leonard Peltier and American African journalist Mumia abu-Jamal; the murder of American Indian Movement activist Anna Mae Aquash and the strange disappearance of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. during the 1973 siege at Wounded Knee receive the media attention they justly deserve by encouraging international discourse on the socio-political as well as historical circumstances surrounding their respective cases. 

For additional information about this announcement and the work of the Aboriginal News Group, please contact the following:

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Sina Brown-Davis/Senior Deputy Editor -
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The Aboriginal News Group (ANG) is an international association founded to represent Indigenist blog-journalists working to promote accurate and informative Indigenous news, issues and opinion across the World Wide Web. For more information please visit: