"Press TV"-Gebäude durch Israels Militär beschossen

Das israelische Militär hat das Gebäude des Fernsehsenders “Press TV” in Gaza mit einer Rakete beschossen. Der Sender berichtet als einziger beständig seit Beginn des Gazakrieges durch Israel am 27.Dezember live vom Geschehen.

Laut dem “Press TV”-Journalisten Hamoudi Gharib, welcher in einem Telefoninterview die Lage nach dem Angriff schilderte, hielten sich in dem Gebäude ausschliesslich Journalisten auf, selbst deren Familien befinden sich nicht in dem Gebäude. Die Koordinaten des Gebäudes seien dem israelischen Militär bekannt.

2 Journalisten wurden den Berichten zufolge verwundet.

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Aboriginal News Service (IANS) Statement on the Gaza Crisis in Occupied Palestine

Press Release: IANS Statement on the Gaza Crisis in Occupied Palestine

Intelligent Aboriginal News Service (IANS) Statement on the Gaza Crisis in Occupied Palestine


“Total war is no longer war waged by all members of one national community against all those of another. It is total… because it may well involve the whole world.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

As Indigenous people fully conscious of our own respective colonial circumstances and those of other similarly repressed and oppressed peoples, we, the undersigned, maintain that the latest saturation bombing and subsequent ground invasion of a Palestinian refugee concentration camp is not just and that the continued IDF occupation extends this grave injustice. The defenceless people of The Gaza, a refugee district of Occupied Palestine, have been mercilessly attacked by the State of Israel under the auspices of national “self-defence.” This is clearly a false pretence, as it is now known that the Israeli intelligence and military services secretly planned this attack more than six months ago as part of “Operation Cast Lead”,[1] a covert programme of anti-Palestinian propaganda, premeditated sabotage of the Hamas government during the U.S.-sponsored June 2007 truce agreement and extensive ethnic terrorism directed against the refugee Arab Palestinian population of The Gaza. It is also now common knowledge that the Israeli Defence Forces have begun using cluster bombs, denatured uranium and the horrible chemical weapon, white phosphorus, a compound that burns human beings on contact.[2]

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